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[24 May 2019|02:56pm]


Okay. The first few weeks after I got here were kind of a lot to handle. Overwhelming, I guess. I'm not really used to being a solid person, so. It's been a learning curve.

Anyway, I just figured I'd introduce myself a little better now that I'm up to it. I'm Ben Hargreeves, and you probably know my brother Klaus because he's the snack guy. I'm gonna be helping with that, I figure.

I read back some, and I'm looking forward to the library, and would also be happy and willing to help anywhere else that's needed?


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Private ➞ Natasha [23 May 2019|11:55pm]



I know we don't know each other that well, but I kind of need someone to talk to. It's fine if you've got other things to deal with.
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[24 May 2019|04:41pm]


[Steve Rogers (MCU)]
You see any of what Kitty

[Bucky Barnes]
You've been characteristically quiet.

[Clint Barton]
How much have you said about what happened?
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Private ➞ Ororo Munroe [23 May 2019|03:42pm]


Where are you keeping yourself? I think we should probably catch up a little, see where we're at.
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[23 May 2019|02:07pm]


WHO: Clint Barton (616) & Bucky Barnes (MCU)
WHAT: Talking and not talking. We could talk or not talk forever. And still find things to not talk about.
WHERE: Starting outside of COFFEE, we'll see where they end up
WHEN: Thursday evening, after closing time.
RATING: It's them, there will likely be some swears.

I've come undone; but you make sense of who I am )
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Private ➞ Alpha Peter [22 May 2019|11:28pm]


I've been workshopping Netflix and chill? jokes for about an hour and I realized it is kind of pointless because A) we don't have Netflix and B) I have the chill part on lock obviouslyyyy

I have a record player with a Fleetwood Mac album, a George Michael album, a Barbra Streisand album, a Whitney Houston album, and apparently the original soundtrack recording of Singin' in the Rain which I never need to listen to again ever. I've been hoping to get my hands on one of the Dazzler albums I remember from when I was a kid, but no luck yet.

You're probably busy at the bar right meow but after....wanna come flip through my record collection and chill?
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[22 May 2019|07:17pm]


Who: Carol Danvers and John Constantine
What: A date? Sort of.
When Wednesday Night
Where: Through the doors
Rating: TBD

This is healthy, right? )
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private ➞ clint barton [22 May 2019|05:32pm]


Hey, you. You're gorgeous, and sweet, and you have the greatest dog in the known world, and you're extremely generous in the bedroom, and you're very tall and handsome and I am once again currently wearing your hoodie.

Don't break up with me.
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[22 May 2019|03:31pm]


WHO: St. John Allerdyce and Kitty Pryde.
WHAT: John is hunting for something.
WHERE: Doors and random places.
WHEN: Taking place Friday afternoon.
RATING: Low? Language from John.

St. John was hunting for beef. )
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[22 May 2019|01:27pm]


Who: Tony Stark and Jean Grey
What: Just another day in Starklandia
Where: Around town
When: Wednesday

I think we're alone now )
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Text to Steve Rogers (MCU) [21 May 2019|08:09pm]



I'm Miles. Big Tony said you might have some art supplies? I'm trying to do a mural for Pancho's and I don't think I have what I need. Would you be cool with helping out?

I can pay in pizza. Or favors? Like..um, do you need help around your house? I have no idea how I can pay you back, actually. But I can try!
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Text to John Constantine [21 May 2019|08:09pm]


We need to do something
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[21 May 2019|08:14pm]


Who: Flash Thompson, Jean Grey
What: thinking bout burgers
Where: middle of town square
When: after flash arrived
Warnings: probably very tame

Flash knew stuff about Jean Grey )
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private ➞ gwendolyn maxine stacy [21 May 2019|06:48pm]


I know we're still getting to know each other, but I just wanted to tell you - I think you absolutely made Tony's day when you asked him to teach you how to tinker. I wanted to say thank you for that; he's somebody whose happiness means a lot to me, and it means even more to know it was a very genuine gesture on your part.

You're good people.
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[21 May 2019|09:31am]


WHO: Bucky Barnes (MCU) and Natasha Romanoff (MCU)
WHAT: In depth talking about difficult things
WHERE: By the lake
WHEN: Evening, around sunset
RATING: TBD but probably not high?

I come to you in pieces; so you can make me whole )
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[21 May 2019|10:51pm]


Who: Bill Weasley and Klaus Hargreeves
What: Going through a door
When: Monday night
Where: Somewhere else
Rating: TBD

Is this our first date or our second? )
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[20 May 2019|08:36pm]


Hey guys!

So I love what you've done with the place. It's a bit too quiet for a New Yorker's mind to rest, but that said it smells much nicer here.

That said which of your lovely businesses give out the most calories per meal? I'm starving and need to eat up.

Also, it occurs to me that we're playing Survivor here and I need a job. My skills range from tech to sewing, and I've been told I can make a mean curry, but I did once own my own tech conglomerate, for a short while, so I can help a bit in that department.
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[21 May 2019|10:29am]


So the garden here, who do I talk to about expanding it and planting some things?
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[20 May 2019|01:26pm]


Who: Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake
When: After this
Where: Bobby's place
What: They talk, but not on the net

It's a nice day to start again )
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[20 May 2019|10:50pm]


Who: Sam Wilson and Harley Quinn
When: After Harley's post
Where: Through the dooooors
What: A hero and a villain walk into a bar...
Rating: Open. Language at a minimum.

I'm sorry mother, I'm sorry I let you down / Well, these days I'm fine - no, these days I tend to lie )
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