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[16 Nov 2019|02:24pm]


WHO: Natasha Romanoff (MCU) & Gwen Stacy (Earth-65)
WHAT: Lady spiders being lady spiders
WHEN: Saturday lunch time

Steve was so insistent that bead was better when it wasn't pre-sliced )
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[14 Nov 2019|07:12pm]


WHO: Thor (MCU) & Loki (616)
WHAT: Thor has prepared Loki a meal (kinda)
WHERE: Loki's beautiful kitchen
WHEN: Dinner time!
RATING: Listen I never know with these two okay

Dessert was a tower of poptarts that were dusted in powdered sugar. )
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[12 Nov 2019|06:36pm]


WHO: Steve Rogers (MCU) & Bucky Barnes (MCU)
WHAT: Steve tells Bucky the BIG PLAN
WHERE: The gym
WHEN: After his talk with lil T

Crisis averted; goat sunglasses were found )
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[11 Nov 2019|02:28pm]


WHO: Steve Squared
WHAT: The future is wilder than Steve imagined, and nobody thought to tell him.
WHERE: Edge of town by the forest
WHEN: Afternoon, backdated to after Steve's net post.
RATING: PG-13 for possible language

Was anybody going to tell me or was I just supposed to figure that out myself? )
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[11 Nov 2019|06:59pm]


Who: Reddie
What: Fixing things
Where: Loser House
When: Now
Warning: TBD
Status: Closed Incomplete

And you're not ill and I'm not dead. Doesn't that make us the perfect pair? You should sit with me and we'll start again. )
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[11 Nov 2019|06:24pm]


Who: Ben and Diego Hargreeves (possibly open to Klaus in a bit?)
What: Finding out Ben isn't a ghosty
When: During the day
Warnings: Not likely
Status: Closed, Incomplete

Read more... )
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[11 Nov 2019|02:48pm]


Who: Steve Rogers and Baby Tony Stark
What: Important talk
Where: Tony's
When: Sunday afternoon

Who cares baby, I think I wanna... )
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[11 Nov 2019|10:33am]


Who: John Constantine, Peter B and Claire Temple
What: No ghosts allowed!
Where: Constantine's House
When: Sunday night

The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun. )
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Private to Peter B and Claire Temple [10 Nov 2019|04:39pm]


Making dinner tonight. Show up?
Wine appreciated, but not expected. Ghost free environment, so long as wee Sableye doesn't count. Which he doesn't.
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[10 Nov 2019|12:33pm]


Who: Eddie and Hopper
What: Adult version of hanging out
Where: The pub
When: Early enough to be called Day Drinking
Warnings: Nah
Status: Closed

Read more... )
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[10 Nov 2019|12:40am]


WHO: St. John Allerdyce and Kitty Pryde.
WHAT: Talks to be had about horror.
WHERE: Their house.
WHEN: Saturday, late night.
RATING: S for 2spoopy Sadface.

I'm not okay at all, and I don't know how to be okay. )
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[09 Nov 2019|02:00pm]


Who: Stan and Eddie
What: Just two bros without the hot tub
Where: The Losers House
When: Today

I sink like a stone )
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[08 Nov 2019|03:25pm]


Okay. It's just over two weeks, and these burns still hurt.

Anyone have any grade A tips on dealing with acid burns?

Also, how's your hand, Kitty?
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[08 Nov 2019|03:56pm]


Who: Bill Weasley and Eddie Kaspbrak
What: Not sure yet!
Where: Between the garden and the houses
When: After this

Little green monster. )
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[07 Nov 2019|10:59am]


So. Are we all just going to not talk about what happened last week? That's how this shit works?

Okay, cool, fine whatever. Seems fair. I didn't want to anyway.

Next question:
Anyone here do haircuts? I'm one pair of fingerless gloves away from looking like a fucking hobo and there's not even any advantage to it -- no one's going to mistakenly give me a dollar here at all.
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[06 Nov 2019|11:32pm]


It's getting colder here, and I'm going to throw an absolute snit if it snows. I need everyone to know that. Mostly because I can't handle the concepts of how weather works here and that's sort of just the worst.

Anyway. Because it's getting cold I'm going to be going house to house to install proper heating systems for everyone. If there's a better time for me to stop by, let me know. Don't want to walk into anything I can't unsee.

T. Stark
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[06 Nov 2019|09:47pm]


WHO: Leia Organa & Galen Marek
WHAT: Exploring the less scary doors, post-Halloween.
WHERE: Wherever the doors lead.
WHEN: Early afternoon.

Leia could hope for something bright, and welcoming this time, right? )
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[05 Nov 2019|10:50pm]


Your holiday called Halloween was... interesting.
Clint, thank you for explaining it, and allowing me to partake.

Now I'm feeling restless.
I'm feeling restless, and I still have this archaic motorbike.
Would you like to accompany me for a ride? Maybe we can find somewhere to enjoy it through the doors.
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[05 Nov 2019|08:09am]


Well. I don't give a shit about it.
I believe the next American holiday is Thanksgiving, yeah?

Should we find some birds or something?
I really need something to do.

How are you holding up since getting back from... you know.

Please tell me you have something to help me sleep.
I am not sleeping great since... things.
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