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[19 Jun 2019|12:51pm]


The gym is still a work in progress, but it's finished up enough to use. There's a boxing ring, bags and pads, some weights, bars etc.

Please keep sparring friendly and if anyone wants a few tips I'm happy to show you a thing or two.
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[18 Jun 2019|08:54pm]


This is crazy.

I just got back from time traveling, before that I was in the quantum realm for five years and this place is not where I was or the quantum realm which is hard to explain.

All I know is that my daughter is not here. So who the hell keeps pulling me away from Cassie and what is this place?

And where am I supposed to go now?
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Private to Gamora [18 Jun 2019|08:24pm]




Wanna see a movie?
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[17 Jun 2019|08:55pm]



Who: Everyone!
What: A viewing of Blade Runner in celebration of Clint Barton's birthday.
Where: Outside under the stars.
When: Tuesday, the 18th.

It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. )
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[17 Jun 2019|05:45pm]


Characters Added:

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Private ---> Leia (Through the Force) [17 Jun 2019|06:38am]


Weird Force talking here )
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[16 Jun 2019|08:52pm]


Who: Peter of the 616 and Peter of the MCU
What: Run-in
Where: Out and about
When: Sunday evening
Rating: Lowish
Status: On-going

Hold On )
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[16 Jun 2019|07:57pm]


Who: Peter Parker of the 616 and Gwen Stacy
Where: Through the doors into the Pokemon world
When: Backdated to Thursday
What: Peter and Gwen decide to explore Pokemon world for any pokemon that could be helpful to their situation... they may not come back with anything of vital use.
Rating: Lowish.
Status: Ongoing

We all live in a pokemon world. )
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[16 Jun 2019|07:05pm]


Hey guys, I think I'm in love. [pretend it's an actual photo]

Her name is Elora. And she's pretty much the best ever.
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[16 Jun 2019|05:54pm]


I'd like to introduce everyone to my new friend. This is Millicent and she's a mareep they tell me. So far she's doing well, she's friendly and Artoo seems to like her. At the very least he hasn't tried to shear her yet.
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[15 Jun 2019|09:39pm]


Who: Superman & Mara
What: A cup of coffee
When: Sunday Morning
Where: Coffee.
Status: Incomplete
Rating: G

While there were many things he missed about home, but one thing he didn't have to worry about, at least, was coffee. )
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[15 Jun 2019|11:24am]


I am going through the Doors. I will go alone if no one wants to come but if you do, I plan to leave in half an hour
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[15 Jun 2019|10:32am]


Who: Steve Rogers (mcu) and Bucky Barnes (mcu)
What: A few old friends
Where: Outside Bucky's place
When: Friday evening
Rating: Low

In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? )
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[14 Jun 2019|03:30pm]


Um. If you happen to notice a large... sleeping... Snorlax and it's in the way. Let me know. He's really nice... just sleeps a lot.

He likes apples and most fruits.
He likes actually most food in general.

Anyway! He spends most of the time in the backyard of my house, but he may venture off.

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[13 Jun 2019|11:25pm]


Who: Carol Danvers (MCU) and Peter B. Parker (SV)
What: Getting into trouble and catching 'em all
Where: Hau'oli City, beach
When: Thursday night
Rating: Lowish

Welcome to our tropical hideaway, you lucky people, you )
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[13 Jun 2019|10:00pm]


So is everyone getting one of these things? I'm starting to feel left out.

Okay, now that I'm back on my feet, anyone wanna go through the doors with me? I heard they have a beach.
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[13 Jun 2019|10:37pm]


You lot are all talking about these cute little creatures you went out and got, good as any dog or cat or whatever else, yeah?

So I go out and look (like you do) and you're all right, of course. They're these adorable little fucks, every last one of them. Little lizards and fish things and birds with wings literally made of clouds, and I thought. Wow. Presh.

Never been a pet person myself. Just never seemed like a thing I want, no matter how cute.

So of course this absolute bloody demon follows me home.

Think I'll call him Chas.
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[13 Jun 2019|10:05pm]


Who: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (mcu)
What: Exploring.
Where: Lumoise City, Pokemans
When: Thursday evening
Rating: Low? Maybe?

We're surviving, we're still living. I was stronger. )
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[14 Jun 2019|07:59am]


Who: Thor, Gamora and Peter Quill - all MCU
What: A meeting for two and someone hating it
When: Thursday
Rating: Low - just spoilers probs

So this was coffee- Gamora loved coffee. )
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Private to Jean [13 Jun 2019|10:08am]


[A selfie of him and Slowpoke fishing at the river. Flash has a homemade looking fishing rod that is busted af, while Slowpoke is using his tail???]

My Pokemon is psychic so you guys should see if you can talk to each other through your brains.
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